F.P. mep – DicoTech was born from the union of two previously significant entities in the field of technological equipment. The merging of the different but complementary qualities and expertise of these companies has allowed both businesses to acquire a larger segment of the market, acquiring greater importance by completing a variety of projects. Its great professionalism and continuous quest for quality and client satisfaction has allowed F.P. mep – DicoTec to create a solid structure based on the training and expertise of its own work force. F.P. mep – DicoTech employs a company policy grounded on the continuous education of engineers, specialized technicians, administrative personnel and qualified labourers, in order to better and more efficiently adapt to market demands in ever evolving global markets. Our company has a significant operating structure, with branches furnished with specialized equipment and modern means of transport. It counts with advanced technical and instrumental resources, while occupying a highly specialized niche that permits it to obtain superior productivity as compared to its median direct competitors. Infact, among the most important traits that characterize our business are reliability and correctness. Quality is guaranteed with the utilization of avant-garde products and solutions that allow us to obtain both secure and functional systems. In addition to our professional competence, our adept knowledge and experience in regulatory compliance guarantees the highest quality standards required in design, installation and maintenance operations, implementing quality control systems and complying with local regulations. The result is a company that intervenes with responsibility and professionalism, guaranteeing reliability for every product and service it produces.

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