Projects | Qatar

No. Client Project Location Description
1 Jafco Aluminium & Steel Co. Tadmur Schools (03 Nos) Doha Fireproofing
2 Imar Trading & Contracting Qatar Foundation Headquarters Doha Fireproofing
3 Contraco WLL TAMU-Q (North Side & South Side) Doha Fireproofing
4 Jafco Aluminium & Steel Co ASHGAL Schools (02 Nos) Doha Fireproofing
5 HBK Contracting/REC Int’l. JV College of Media & Communication Project, Qatar Foundation Doha Fireproofing
6 Nurol Gulf WLL Lusail Multi-purpose Hall – Restaurant (2 nos) Doha Fireproofing
7 Eversendai Engineering Qatar WLL Mall of Qatar Doha Fireproofing
8 Brookfield Medgulf Multiplex BP#7A, Central Library for Qatar Foundation – Education City Doha Fireproofing
9 Eversendai Engineering Qatar WLL Multi-Purpose Hall at Lusail Sports Club – Package 2 Doha Fireproofing
10 Al Huda Engineering Works Supreme Education Council Headquarters Doha Fireproofing
11 Gulf Steel & Engineering Burj Marina Tower Doha Fireproofing
12 Permasteelisa Group NDIA CP-68 Pedestrian Bridge Doha Fireproofing
13 Permasteelisa Group NDIA CP-133 VL1 VIP Lounge, QA2 and QA1 Doha Fireproofing
14 Target Engineering Construction Co. LLC 600 Bed Accommodation at Halul Island Doha Fireproofing
15 Marbu Contracting Company Construction of Qatar Shooting and Archery Association Doha Fireproofing
16 Brookfield Medgulf Multiplex Car Rental Facility & Mid – Repair Works Doha Fireproofing
17 Leo Steel Construction Co Central Industrial Area at Halul Island Doha Fireproofing
18 Gulf Contracting Co. WLL NDIA-CP133 Passenger Terminal Complex Doha Fireproofing
19 Consolidated Contracting Group SAL/Teyseer Contracting Company JV Gas Sweetening Facilities (GSF) Project – Dukhan Doha Fireproofing
20 Consolidated Contracting Group SAL/Teyseer Contracting Company JV Gas Sweetening Facilities (GSF) Project – Mesaieed Doha Fireproofing
21 CDC-Takenaka JV NDIA CP19 – Emiri Terminal Doha Fireproofing
22 Eversendai Engineering Qatar WLL Qatar Foundation Headquarters & Strategic Study Centre Doha Fireproofing
23 Eversendai Engineering Qatar WLL Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies, Qatar Foundation Doha Fireproofing
24 HBK Power Cleaning W.L.L Epic of New Desalination Plant & Potable Water Storage Tanks at Halul Halul Island ,Qatar Fireproofing
25 Mid Contracting ABM Military College Project Doha Fireproofing
26 QIT-IMAR /ALEC FIT-OUT J.V. NDIA CP110 – Passenger Terminal Complex – Retail /Food and Beverage Concessions Fit-Out Construction Doha Fireproofing
27 Amana – Walbridge JV NDIA – Airport Staff Access Control Facility, Package No. NDIA-6201-ASACF Doha Fireproofing
28 Derwind Trading & Contracting WLL City Centre – Mezzanine Car Park Doha Fireproofing
29 Nurol Gulf WLL Consolidated Rental Car & Medfield Tunnel Improvement (Package No. 7201-CRF & MTI) Doha Fireproofing
30 Nurol Gulf WLL BP#7A, Central Library for Q. F. Education City Doha Fireproofing
31 Al Balagh Trading & Contracting Co. WLL New Traffic & Patrol Department Headquarters at Madinat Khalifa (South) Doha Fireproofing
32 Consolidated Contracting Group SAL/Teyseer Contracting Company JV NDIA CP95 – Employee Village Parade Shed Doha Fireproofing
33 Eversendai Engineering Qatar WLL Nakilat Phase 4A, Superyacht Hall Ras Laffan, Qatar Fireproofing
34 Amana Qatar Contracting WLL Doha Festival City – 2100 IKEA Box Al Shamal, Qatar Fireproofing
35 Unger Steel Middle East FZE NDIA – Design and Construction of Duty Free Warehouse Doha Fireproofing
36 Butec CP75 – New Doha International Airport Doha Fireproofing
37 Gulf Contracting WLL Nakilat Phase 5 GTC 10/152 Production Support Facility Ras Laffan, Qatar Fireproofing
38 Gulf Steel & Engineering WLL Salam Carpentry Industrial Area, Qatar Fireproofing
39 Sixco-Midmac JV NDIA CP51 – Fire Barrier System Doha Fireproofing
40 ACS-Alfasi Const. (Singapore) Pte Ltd NDIA CP51 – Emire Terminal Parking Structure and Mosque Doha Fireproofing
41 SGW JV / COBRAIN HOLDINGS SDN NDIA CP10 – Fire Barrier & Sealant Work Doha Fireproofing
42 CCG SAL/Teyseer Contracting Company JV NDIA CP96 – Contract No. 25045-000-FC1-C000-0096 Doha Fireproofing
43 Sixco-Midmac JV NDIA CP51 – Passenger Terminal Complex North Node Doha Fireproofing
44 Marbu Contracting WLL Proposed Road Sign Production Plant for Q-Media Services Industrial Area, Qatar Fireproofing
45 Al Doha Maintenance Service Centre Salam Tower West Bay, Qatar Fireproofing
46 Gama Qatar Co. WLL QCS – 282 Project Doha Fireproofing
47 Al Yusr Townsend & Bottum Qatar Company Ltd. AYTB Project Code GC08102500 Ras Laffan, Qatar Fireproofing
48 Black Cat Engineering & Construction WLL Epic for Implementation of Critical Mechanical PCR (MCE/MC/04/248) for Replacement of Disulphide Separator in NGL-1 Plant Mesaieed, Qatar Fireproofing
49 Al BADR Contracting & Trading School Projects Doha Fireproofing
50 Al Mana Luxury Al Mana Building Doha Fireproofing
51 Nasser S. Al-Hajri Co. Ltd. Flour-RG- RL3 Common-Off Plot Ras Laffan, Qatar Fireproofing
52 Al Khayarin Group Trading & Contracting WLL Helytan Tower Doha Fireproofing
53 M-10 Builders Qatar WLL Al Hitmi Office Building Doha Fireproofing
54 Al Sraiya Trading & Contracting Co. New Building for American School of Doha Doha Fireproofing
55 Danem Engineering Works GTC/05/145/ED, EPIC of Various Sheds at Refinery Mesaieed, Qatar Fireproofing
56 Amana Steel Buildings Contracting Co. WLL J089 & J092-Store and Labour Accommodation Industrial Area, Qatar Fireproofing
57 Al Aali International Waab City Building Fashion Showroom Doha Fireproofing
58 Gulf Steel & Engineering WLL Al Fardhan Towers West Bay, Qatar Fireproofing
59 Qatar Space Technology WLL Khalifa Tennis & Squash Complex Doha Fireproofing
60 Sky Oryx New Doha International Airport Project Doha Fireproofing
61 C.A.T. International Qatar WLL NDIA CP60 – Central Utility Plants (CUP's 2,3 & 4) Doha Fireproofing
62 Gulf Steel & Engineering NDIA-Emiri Ramp CP19 Doha Fireproofing
63 Consolidated Contracting Group SAL/Teyseer Contracting Company JV Qatalum Project – Reduction Area Foundation Mesaieed Fireproofing
64 Gulf Steel & Engineering NDIA CP19 – Parking Lobbies A & B (PW071) Doha Fireproofing
65 Al Balagh Trading & Contracting Co. WLL Aspire Zone – Anti Doping Laboratory Doha Fireproofing
66 Gul Steel & Engineering Silhouette Tower Doha Fireproofing
67 Gulf Contracting WLL Rotana Hotel – Pump Room Doha Fireproofing
68 Gulf Steel & Engineering NDIA-Emiri Ramp CP19 Doha Fireproofing
69 Espaces Landmark Mall – Doha Qatar Doha Fireproofing
70 Alumasa Qatar New Doha International Airport – CP10 Doha Fireproofing
71 Kentz Engineers & Construction 610 LR-Fire Protection Gantry Shelter Column Doha Fireproofing
72 Man Enterprise, Qatar The Gate Development (Variation Order) Doha Fireproofing
73 Espaces Haagen Daz-Landmark Doha Fireproofing
74 Eversendai Engineering Qatar CP3 & CP6 – Qatar Foundation Doha Fireproofing
75 Marbu Contracting Co. Q Tel Media Factory Doha Fireproofing
76 Al Habtoor Engineering Ent. Co. LLC Al Dareen Residential Tower Doha Fireproofing
77 Al Balagh Trading & Contracting Co. WLL Warehouse at Gate No.62, Street No.44 for Sherida Saad Al Kaabi Doha Fireproofing
78 Al Habtoor Engineering Ent. Co. LLC Doha City Centre Expansion Project Ras Laffan Fireproofing
79 KBC Engineering Co. WLL Contraco Building Ras Laffan Fireproofing
80 SEG-Society d'Enterprise & de Gestion Qatar WLL GTC 08/106 Nakilat Ship Repair Yard (Phase 1 and 2) and Nakilat Ship Construction Facility Doha Fireproofing
81 Al Alia Trading & Contracting Company Oryx Engineering Soluions Centre at Ras Laffan, Industrial Area Doha Fireproofing
82 Eversendai Engineering Qatar Nakilat Ship Repair Yard – Phase 4 Painting Area Ras Laffan Fireproofing
83 Qatar Indo Fab Supply of Promatect Fire Boards Doha Fireproofing
84 Midmac-Six Contruct JV Extension to Qatar National Convention Centre Doha Fireproofing
85 Gulf Contracting Co. WLL Nakilat Ship Construction Facility Doha Fireproofing
86 Al Mulla Eng'g. & Construction WLL Warehouse at Industrial Area Street No. 46 Doha Fireproofing
87 CCIC/Teyseer J.V RGX TR-6,7 & AKG2 Project Doha Fireproofing
88 Geoson Dynamics GE (Advance Technology Research Centre) Education City – Qatar Foundation Doha Qatar Ras Laffan Fireproofing
89 Gulf Steel & Engineering Fire-proofing with Cafco 300 for 4 – Schools Doha Fireproofing
90 Muhibbah Engineering Co. Construction and Completion of NDIA – CP21 Catering Facility at Doha Qatar Ras Laffan Fireproofing
91 Chiyoda Technip Joint Venture QCS Qatargas 3&4 Onshore Project Ras Laffan Fireproofing
92 Qatar Indo Fabs WLL Al Darwish, West Bay Doha Doha Fireproofing
93 Gama Qatar Co. WLL Qatargas 3&4, Ras Laffan Doha Fireproofing
94 How United Services NDIA – CP 20 Airline Eng'g. Bldg. Doha Fireproofing
95 Al Ghorairi & Partners NDIA – CP-26 Aircraft Maintenance Hangar Mesaieed Fireproofing
96 Gulf Steel Emire Diwan Project Al-Khor Fireproofing
97 Man Enterprises Qatar The Gate Development Doha Fireproofing
98 Gulf Steel Industrial Area / Mesaieed Dukhan Fireproofing
99 Al Huda Engineering Works Al Khor International School, Al-Khor Qatar Al-Khor Fireproofing
100 Qatar UPVC Windows+Doors Warehouse Ras Laffan Fireproofing
101 Energy Technical Services M-II-Dukhan – QP Doha Fireproofing
102 Gulf Steel St. Rigis Hotel Doha Fireproofing
103 Nasser Al Hajri Off-Shore Expansion Project Doha Fireproofing
104 Sixco-Midmac The Tornado (QIPCO Tower) Doha Fireproofing
105 Qatar Indo Fabs WLL Marmar Palace Pearl Qatar Fireproofing
106 Contraco WLL B+G+M State Mosque at Al Khuwair Ras Laffan Fireproofing
107 Gulf Contracting Co. WLL Doha Nissan Showroom Al-Rayyan Fireproofing
108 Doha Petroleum Construction Co. LPG Bottling Project Doha Fireproofing
109 Consolidated Contractors International Company SAL NDIA Air Traffic Control and Support Facilities – Project CP17 Doha Fireproofing
110 C.A.T.-MAN Joint Venture The Pearl Qatar – Porto Arabia Project Doha Fireproofing
112 Dodsal Engineering and Construction Pte Ltd Ras Gas Onshore Expansion Project Phase 2 (RGX-2) Doha Fireproofing
113 BADR Contracting & Trading Rayyan Doha Fireproofing
114 Gulf Contracting Co. WLL NDIA – Premium Terrminal Expansion Doha Fireproofing
115 Eversendai Engineering Qatar WLL Dubai Tower – Qatar Doha Fireproofing
116 Higgs & Hill – QACC Al Bidda Tower – Qatar Doha Fireproofing
117 Al-Balagh Trading & Contracting Co. WLL Refurbishment of Amiri Diwan – Phase II Doha Fireproofing
118 Al Madar Group WLL Admin. Building at Industrial Area Doha Fireproofing
119 Al-Jaber Steel Co./Al Habtoor City Centre – Expansion Project Ras Laffan Fireproofing
120 Gulf Steel & Engineering GETLC Doha Fireproofing
121 Gulf Steel & Engineering 12 Girls School Project Doha Fireproofing
122 Qatar Indo Fabs WLL Cultural Village Doha Fireproofing
123 C.A.T. International Qatar WLL Parcel PA-04 Retail Node Doha Fireproofing
124 Black Cat Engineering & Construction GTC/07/158/ED/FP – 17945 – EPIC of Smokeless Flare & Automatic Blowdown Doha Fireproofing