Proper installation of load-bearing units, underground pipes and various fixings requires voids formed between the equipment and soil, or between load bearing units, to be thoroughly sealed, ensuring structural stability.

Grouting is the injection of specially formulated cement, epoxy or other mixes into the ground to improve its strength or reduce permeability. It is carried out by drilling holes into the foundation to intercept open cracks, joints, fissures or cavities, then pumping the grouting compound under pressure, hence sealing any voids.

DicoTech provides grouting solutions for:

  • Underground pipes – sealing leaks, filling voids (caused by infiltration of groundwater and backfill), stabilizing the surrounding soil
  • Machinery baseplates – to maintain precision alignment
  • Support of tanks and vessels
  • Support of machinery, including but not limited to motors, pumps, turbines, generators
  • Any other client requirement