Marine structures suffer the onslaught of concentrated chlorides present in sea water, leading to rapid corrosion of reinforcement, particularly in the plash zones. That is why huge cracks and spalls can be seen in the quay walls.

Prolonged exposure to sea water without proper protection will eventually result in steel piles losing their section. If not fixed in time, this will result in severe and costly damage. DicoTech has the capability to investigate, analyze and propose the most appropriate repair systems for such problems. The company’s long experience in this field helps ensure that clients get the best technology available.

Chemicals, be they acidic or alkaline, aggressively attack concrete leading to pitting, softening etc.

DicoTech offers design and execution of the right protective lining systems for concrete or steel substrates that need protection from concentrated chemicals such as sulphuric acid 99%, sodium hydroxide 52% and other during storage or spillage conditions. The company offers solutions for even the most adverse conditions.